It was 1966 when Paolo Terribile, sales agent for Zanussi, Italian manufacturer of white good appliances (now Electrolux Zanussi Italia), founded Elettromec.

The company started operating as Zanussi's exclusive trader for the north-eastern Italian market and, thanks to Mr. Terribile expertise and thorough knowledge of the sector, it quickly became the main dealer of household appliances in this area.


The early mission of Elettromec, during the 70's, focused on developing its presence on new markets, outside Italy.

According to this mission, Elettromec started trading household appliances and white good components into Western European countries (Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, France, Portugal, Canary Islands, Greece), Northern African countries (Libya in particular) and Middle East (Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E.).

In 1976, Elettromec became a public company. The following years saw a steady growth and consolidation of the group's influence abroad.


The company provided itself with a reorganized network of sales agents in order to tackle the market challenges of the 80's.

During these years, Elettromec S.r.l. was also one of the few pioneering companies in the world that imported household appliances and white good components from the countries of the Soviet Block and The People's Republic of China, exporting them into the market of Western nations.


Elettromec S.r.l. carried on consolidating its role as international trader of white goods and household appliances, successfully operating in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

The client portfolio ranged from small start-up businesses to medium sized companies and big corporations.


The coming of the new millennium saw Elettromec S.r.l.. corporate organization undergoing major changes.

In 2001, the company consolidated its presence in South Africa, market considered strategic for the expansion of its future activities, through the establishment of an operating branch in Johannesburg and two warehouses: one in Cape Town and one Johannesburg.

In 2008 Elettromec S.r.l. expanded its business to the sewing machines sector. The trade of sewing machines was mainly focused in Germany, key market for the company.

2010 - Nowadays

In 2010 Elettromec S.r.l. established an operating branch in Prague, Czech Republic. The setting up of the European branch was mainly aimed at Czech and Slovak market where the company exported domestic appliances as exclusive sales representative of SMEG, renowned Italian brand of household appliances.

Nowadays Elettromec S.r.l. maintains long-term business relationships with EU and Extra EU manufacturers of white good and small appliances and trades their products in key areas of the world, especially Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

The company carries on looking for new business opportunities at home and abroad and it is now expanding its trades to new working sectors like heating appliances (pellet stoves, paraffin stoves, gas stoves), cooling appliances (air conditioners, dehumidifiers) and living.